McDonald, the Finest Possum Merino Knitwear

McDonald Textiles Ltd manufacture the finest quality Possum Merino knitwear accessories.

The natural fibres of possum merino garments trap air and warmth inside the fibre to keep you warm, no matter what the weather.

McDonald New Zealand garments have a strong focus on quality, construction and style. Many garments are trimmed with pure New Zealand lambskin leather, a perfect choice for gentle comfort, yet strong for good looks and durability. You can be absolutely assured that whenever you purchase a McDonald garment you have made a natural choice that is proudly New Zealand made; manufactured from quality materials to the highest quality standards.


New Zealand's unique native forest is under attack.  Throughout the country 80 million Possums destroy 22,000 tonnes of our indigenous flora every night.

With no natural predators, this introduced pest is striking at the very best of our landscape.

Competing with native birdlife for food and habitat, the Possum feeds on native trees such as Rata, Totara and Kowhai while posing a significant threat to New Zealand's distinctive national icon - the Kiwi.

This ecological crisis originates from the 19th Century when Possums were introduced to New Zealand to establish a fur trade.  Today, the industry is environmentally focused and plays a vital part in controlling Possum numbers.

Possum Merino is an environmentally conscious choice - wearing a McDonald garment allows you to contribute towards a sustainable future for New Zealand's flora and fauna.

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