Men’s Collection

Our 2017 Men's Winter Collection

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Like the rugged New Zealand high country a McDonald jersey is tough, striking, and 100% natural. There are no shortcuts on the path to quality and, with a careful blend of possum fur, merino wool and mulberry silk, our proudly New Zealand-made jerseys deliver a distinctive and timeless style. And they do so while providing the type of luxurious warmth at home upon the peaks and around the lakes and rivers of our beautiful land.



Choose a McDonald jacket and you choose perfection. We only use the finest natural fibres, blending an inspired blend of possum fur, merino wool and mulberry silk. By using possum fur we also help New Zealand’s precious natural environment, rescuing the native bush while making the most of this incredible raw material. It all adds up to jacket created with meticulous care and sophisticated style to ensure you will wear this distinctive garment for many, many years to come.




Delivering an impossibly warm yet lightweight performance a McDonald vest is your ultimate wardrobe must-have. On a sunny day, a vest is the perfect accompaniment to a smart shirt. During colder times the natural fibres provide a warm, enveloping layer on colder days or nights. Made in New Zealand from a unique blend of merino wool, possum fur and pure mulberry silk, nature’s fibres create a garment that is incredibly practical. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.