Why Possum Merino?

Character is built by challenge, shaped by the landscapes we live and move through, revealed in the identity we form.

Luxury is delivered through careful craft and unwavering diligence. It is appreciated for inherent subtleties and ingrained quality. Be it for fashion or function it’s strength remains undiminished over time.

At McDonald we use exacting design and careful innovation to create an inimitable final result: luxurious fashion with unique, enduring character.


From nature
Our materials

We carefully source the finest materials – possum, merino, lambskin leather, mulberry silk – and treat every stitch with the respect it deserves.
Where we source these materials from is just as important as what they are. Possum fur isn't just incredibly warm and gloriously soft. It’s one whose production takes an introduced pest out of our forests, an animal responsible for the destruction of our beautiful native trees and the deaths of our rare birdlife.
Possum fur. Soft, warm, luxurious.
The brushtail possum is a small marsupial with a coat of unique, valuable fur. The secret of this fur’s warmth is its hollow structure, an attribute found in only one other species – the polar bear. With air trapped inside the fibre the fur provides sumptuous warmth, natural insulation and incredible lightness.
Merino. Strong, snug, gentle.
Born and bred in the high country regions of New Zealand, Merino fleece has a world-leading reputation for being gentle, strong and resilient. The individual fibres of this fleece provide ideal comfort while delivering warmth within a range of conditions. We carefully select only the finest quality fibres from the very best of sources for our yarn.
Mulberry silk. Sleek, fine, exceptional.
Pure mulberry silk has been regarded for centuries as one of the world's most luxurious natural fibres. With natural strength and hypoallergenic, breathable characteristics it is perfect to ensure a smooth, comforting feel.
Lambskin leather. Smooth, supple, superior.
All leather used on our garments is hand-washable genuine lambskin leather. This is the softest and most supple of leathers and is regarded as the only choice for crafting luxury clothing that will withstand the test of time.



Luxury and identity
Our story


Over three generations our family has grown the business from a small start-up to a thriving fashion label. 
Throughout this time an artisan approach to our craft has continued.
Much of our approach has to do with the values we were raised with. Growing up in New Zealand provides a unique perspective. It’s a young country and our history, while short, is personal.
Here families and friends often spend their weekends enjoying remote locations. The landscapes stretch out for an unfettered perspective. Time is earned and spent in mountain lodges, around lakefront fires, on walks through the various wilds – the type of places where the only crowd was the one you brought with you.
It’s probably why we see the concept of ‘luxury’ differently here. For us, luxury ultimately delivers peace of mind – in that an investment in style, comfort and warmth will continue to reward in the years to come.
Fashion trends may come and go. We aspire to deliver a greater degree of permanence in both the style and durability of our craftsmanship. It’s not about updating your ‘look’ at every designer’s whim. It’s about buying once and buying right. In this respect we unashamedly make luxury goods.


Staying true
Our values


For the three generations of our family these values have been non-negotiable and consistent in application. They inform every aspect of our day-to-day work, ensure our products are the best they can be and propel our company forward with clarity and purpose.
How we treat others
  • Deliver honesty and integrity to every transaction and relationship.
  • Focus on each customer to create value exceeding what they expect.
  • Treat everybody ethically – be they employee, customer, stockist or supplier.
How we carry ourselves
  • Settle for nothing less than quality craftsmanship and enduring fashion and function.
  • Provide an inclusive, positive work environment with excellent training, professional development and overarching expertise.
  • Accept responsibility and embrace accountability no matter the size or scope of the task at hand.
How we succeed together
  • Recognise that time is precious and waste unacceptable.
  • Understand the impact of our work within the greater environment and deliver sustainably focused systems across all aspects of the business.
  • Make things that last – and appreciate the care and skill that goes into the craft.


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